UAS TAAC Frequently Asked Questions

TAAC Conference Registration


1. I only want to attend one day of the UAS TAAC general session, is there a one day rate?

No, there is not a one-day rate.  The General Session fee includes admission to all General Session days.


2. Can I register now and pay later?

Payment is required at the time of registration.  If paying by check, registration is considered pending.  Payment must be received within 14 days of registration to complete registration.  Contact if payment is by check.


3. Can a company register for the TAAC Conference and pay for a group of employees with one check or credit card?

Yes. There is an “add a person” feature on the registration form that will allow you to add additional registrants before completing the payment detail page and making payment.


4. If I paid with the wrong credit card can I transfer the fees to a different card? 

No. Your registration will have to be cancelled and you will have to re-register.   The amount paid for the first registration will be refunded to the first credit card, less $50.00. (If the registration deadline date has passed or the registration has reached capacity and closed, you will need special instructions from TAAC before you cancel and try to re-register or you will not be able to re-register.)


5. Can registration fees be made with a bank wire transfer?

No. The only forms of accepted payment are credit card and check.


6. I did not receive a receipt for my UAS TAAC registration fees, or; I cannot find my receipt, can I get another?

Your confirmation e-mail is your receipt.  If you do not receive it, please check your junk/spam mail box. To request another email confirmation, please email


7. What is a guest and what does a guest registration include?

A guest is an adult, accompanying a registered attendee at evening meals only.  Guests cannot attend sessions, breakfasts, or lunches.



1. Can I attend the first day of the general sessions at the TAAC Conference and have someone else replace me to attend the second day of general sessions?

No.  Substitutions must be made for one person to attend all days of the general sessions.


2. I have registered but cannot attend the TAAC Conference.  Can I get a refund or make a substitution?

Yes. A partial refund can be given before the deadline date.  Substitutions for attendees who are registered can be made as long as the substitute is attending the same sessions, and using the same credit card as the person they are replacing.  Substitutions must be made before substitution deadline.  Please contact to make substitutions.

If the substitute will be attending different sessions or using a different credit card, a substitution cannot be made.  Your registration will have to be cancelled and your registration fee may or may not be refunded depending upon the cancellation date policy.  The substitute must register as a new registrant (if the registration deadline date has not passed).   If the deadline date has passed or the event is sold out, this person may not be able to register and will have to be placed on a “Wait List.”

Late UAS TAAC Registration


1. You tried to register but registration has closed and you feel you must attend. 

If the event reaches capacity or the registration page closes, a “Wait List” will be displayed on the TAAC website.  You must submit your contact information and, if openings occur you will be contacted and given registration instructions.  If you are invited to register, someone will contact you and give you registration instructions.  Please do not travel to the event expecting to register on site.  There are no on-site registrations.


2. You already made hotel and travel reservations, but registration is closed.  What do you do?

Please see late registration instructions above.

UAS TAAC General Session


1. Will presentations be available for viewing after the event?

Unclassified presentations will be made available for download for those who registered to attend.

UAS TAAC Exhibitor


1. Can I visit the TAAC Conference exhibits without registering?

No one is allowed in the session area unless they are registered to attend, and are wearing a TAAC issued name badge.


2. A second person from my organization is coming to staff a TAAC Conference exhibitor booth and will not be attending the sessions.  Do they need to register?

Yes.  Everyone must pay the registration fee and have a TAAC issued name badge to be present at TAAC, including anyone staffing an exhibit booth.


3. I will require audio/visual equipment at my booth (i.e. TV Monitor). 

You can bring your own equipment, or you can order equipment directly from the hotel’s AV provider.  The hotel can assist you with these arrangements.  Exhibitors are responsible for equipment rental charges and payment will be made directly to the hotel.


4. Are there charges for storing TAAC Conference exhibitor booths at the hotel, prior to arrival?

The hotel may charge a handling fee for pallets of boxes or materials delivered for exhibitors.  The exhibitor is responsible for paying these fees directly to the hotel. Hotel staff will present the exhibitor with an invoice for any fees due.

UAS TAAC Classified Session

1. I registered to attend the TAAC Conference classified session, but forgot to turn in my visit request letter.

The visit request letter will not be accepted after the VAL deadline date. Reimbursements for the classified session (minus a $50 processing fee) will not be made after the VAL deadline date.


2. I turned in my visit request letter, but forgot to register for the UAS TAAC classified session.

Visit request letters will not be processed for those who have not registered to attend the classified session.  If you have not registered to attend the classified session by the visit authorization deadline date, your request will not be submitted for processing.  The Visit Request Letter MUST contain your registration confirmation number on the VAL that verifies that you have registered for the 2017 UAS TAAC. 

Dress Code


1. What is the dress code for the TAAC Conference?

Standard business attire is appropriate for all meeting functions.  Military attendees are requested to be in uniform.  (Please check the forecasted weather conditions.

TAAC Conference Hotel


1. The hotel is sold out, what do I do?

Please refer to the TAAC website’s Hotel and Travel page for details and contact information for alternate locations.

Contact Us

1.  How can I contact someone from UAS TAAC 2018?

Visit our Contact Us Page.